The enriched CBSE curriculum at GEMS New Millennium School promotes development of skills which underpins the content. The breadth and depth of learning is brought into sharp focus, offering challenge and fulfilment in equal measure.

The Curriculum at GEMS New Millennium School is based on the Central Board Secondary Educations of India (CBSE) and is classified into key stages:

Working seamlessly with the subject areas, the curriculum framework is brimming with opportunities for young minds to learn within context. Teachers prepare themselves for successful experiences that promote deep learning.

Although evidence suggests that theme-based weeks give students the freedom to connect and collaborate across subjects, there’s also room for regular lessons that provide students with platforms for intensive learning experiences.

Our curriculum is carefully reviewed for continuity, progression and challenge across grades. With the UAE National Agenda in mind, suitable modifications are made along with opportunities for strategic cross-curricular link-ups.

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NMS Enriched Curriculum

English Curriculum

Drawing from the CBSE guidelines and beyond, our dynamic and progressive curriculum echoes a strong focus on shoring up skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking while broadening scope through best practices from other curricula.

Here are some of the key features of our English Curriculum:

  • Big Write (Strategy to enhance students’ writing skills)
  • Use of assessment focuses to track reading
  • SPAG (spelling, punctuation & grammar)
  • Peer Assisted Learning (PALS)
  • Banded reading library resources

Student engagement in activities such as the Model United Nations (MUN), World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Global Round, Leadership Summits, the NMS Literacy Week and Spelling Bee has helped enrich their English learning experience.

Science Curriculum

Based on the CASE methodology, our Science Curriculum features strategies such as Consider All Possibilities (CAP), Plus-Minus-Interesting (PMI), Odd One Out that form the nucleus of the teaching and learning approach.

Every unit engages students in Scientific Writing, with a view to enhance scientific literacy, and is directly linked to the TIMSS target, in line with the UAE National Agenda. Students express themselves confidently in debates, discussions and presentations.

Mathematics Curriculum

Students have every opportunity to develop probing and problem solving skills aided by thematic and functional contexts. Our Mathematics Curriculum has been carefully put together to meet the targets outlined in the UAE National Agenda.

Second Languages

Students can choose from French, Hindi and Malayalam as their second language. For those who join as beginners to the English language in Grades 1 and above, there is ample learning support available through the ELL program.

Modified To Meet Specific Needs

Arabic Curriculum

We recognise that some students need beginner’s lessons in Arabic. That’s why Arabic is introduced right from KG 2.

Students are evaluated to assess their entry levels with specific support literature (texts & practice worksheets) and their progress is regularly tracked. The regular MoE curriculum is also enriched to equip students as they pursue grade-specific attainment levels.