Welcome message from the Principal

Fatima Martin

Change my environment, Activate my potential. The tagline holds true for any student who enrolls at GEMS New Millennium School, an institution that prides itself in providing holistic education, superior facilities and varied opportunities.

As the only CBSE school in the region to have been rated 'Good' by the Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) in our very first inspection, GEMS New Millennium School has shown remarkable progress since it opened in April 2013.

Click here to read our most recent(2018-19) inspections report.

While the CBSE curriculum sees a predominant interest from Indian families, GEMS New Millennium School has experienced something very different. With our students coming from over 37 different countries, internationalism prevails in the ethos of our school. All the cultures and identities of our students is promoted through the enriching curriculum and all activities we take part in. 

Our parents witness the resounding benefits of the school’s all-inclusive program through valuable student outcomes, including the skills of integrity, confidence and competence. Our families and staff have built successful partnerships that are focused on trust and transparency.

Creating purposeful avenues for our students, we help to develop their levels of curiosity and creativity through music, sports, arts and computing.  To further nurture the talent that we know lies within each of our students, we offer a range of 30 different clubs during the extended day programme (afternoon activities called PACT), without any extra charges.

We know that we are educating the next-generation of leaders, and so we ensure we provide an enriching learning environment that moulds students to become innovative thinkers, confident global citizens and enterprising students.  Our programme is structured in a way that students are aware that the world is open to them – ensuring they are prepared for the competitive examinations they will have to take for university entrances across the globe.

The vision of GEMS New Millennium School is centered around the key word 'Next-Generation' aspiring every day for our students, whom we call 'Edupreneurs' to become competent and confident individuals.

Do come and visit us on any day of the week 8 am to 3 pm or visit our social media Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

We look forward to your partnership with our School and a rewarding learning journey for all our students.

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