Career Guidance @ NMS

Career Guidance

Career Guidance at NMS begins in a structured manner from Grade 8. The outline is as below:

  • Financial Literacy lessons for Grade 8 students
  • Global Futures Curriculum from Singularity University for Grade 9 students
  • IIT/JEE coaching (Competitive Examinations coaching for entrance to Engineering and Medical courses in India)
  • CISCO courses including Internet of Things and CCNA during afterschool lessons
  • Participation in various regional and international events including Model United Nations (ThaiMUN  and local MUNs), NMS hosted MUN, Business Simulations, Innovation Challenges, Theatre Festivals, Literature Festivals etc.,
  • Career Mapping Assessment (Interests, Abilities and Aspirations)  
  • Regular sessions from Career Counselors on different pathways and destinations of study
  • Internship programmes sourced by school (opportunities to test-drive various careers)

Indian Universities recognize IGCSE qualifications: 


India-recognition-statements-as-level and A level


Click on the link below to view the list of participating Colleges/Universities;


Presentation from representatives of the University of Bath, UK.

Focus: Engineering (Robotics)


Insightful discussions by students to evaluate the opportunities at NMS to prepare its students to be future ready. 


Future Ready: Senior students intern with Medeor 24x7 Hospital, Kieta Catering etc., during the winter break. Students are encouraged to participate in a minimum 5 days of internship during the school year.