The GNMS School Lunch Hall provides healthy food, all inspected and checked by Dubai Municipality. The school management is very particular about the health of the students and ensures that unhealthy food such as fizzy drinks, chips, chocolates, glass bottled drinks, etc. are not sold or made available at school canteen in any form. The Lunch Hall provides healthy food choices for students in the school canteen menu.

The canteen provides the means by which children and adolescents are put into practice the nutrition messages they are being taught in the classroom. The canteen models healthier food choices that are tasty, interesting and affordable.

Meal times

KG1 until Grade 2 students eat in their classrooms in order to minimize transition times for our youngest students. Students are encouraged to bring food that does not need to be re-heated as their shortened day does not permit the use of microwaves.

Students in Grades 3 and above have their meals fully supervised in school Lunch Hall during their lunch periods. Students may purchase hot meals and drinks or choose from a selection salads and sandwiches as further options. Students are always welcome to bring in their own lunch from home and microwaves are available to reheat food.

*Students from Pre-K to Grade 5 can pre-order hot meals, which will be delivered to their classroom.

Money and Cards

Students may purchase food from the cafeteria by using their Student ID Cards. The cashless system is of particular benefit to parents of our younger students as it can be easily monitored by parents. Once students have received the card, parents can load it with credit and students may use their cashless cards in the GNMS Lunch Hall immediately.

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