Why NMS?

We are passionate to nurture students who are empathetic, curious, articulate and driven by inquiry. This is the hallmark of our enriched and innovative curriculum, which is Exponential, Empowering and Experiential.

From the 'Good' rating in 2015-2016 by the Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) in our very first inspection, to being rated as a ‘Very Good School’ in 2022-2023, the journey of the school has transformed into a multifaceted learning space. 

Our students come from over 20+ different countries and internationalism prevails in the ethos of our school. All the cultures and identities of our students is promoted through the enriched curriculum with a dual pathway in the senior school. We offer both the CBSE and the IGCSE/A Level, starting Grade 9 or Year 10 respectively.