Parental Engagement @ NMS

NMS Parental Engagement in their child's learning

At NMS, parents are key stakeholders who validate the quality of our provision contributing effectively to develop all aspects of the school to world-class standards.

And, the school regularly supports our parents to contribute actively to their child’s learning. Parent teacher meetings are innovatively used to improve student achievement (including data meetings with parents’ focus group).

There is a high level of parent support to develop the school as an ‘innovation hub’, evidenced by support for events and increased involvement in the school life as a result of this ethos.

From participating in focused sessions (reviewing the school’s vision to other events), parents are onboard with every initiative. 

Past Events

NMS Parennials - Dr Pratibha Prasad

Dr Pratibha Prasad, NMS Parennial, parent of Sohan Prasad Grade 11 in a session on Stress Management for grade 9 students reinforced gentle breathing exercises to calm the senses. In a session much appreciated by students, it offered relaxation techniques along with ways to focus the mind.
In keeping with hours of online learning sessions, Dr Pratibha focused on easing the strain on the eyes, mind and back

NMS Parennials - Ms. Radhika Sewal

The grade 8 students had a really eye-opening and a thoughtful session on Time Management by Ms. Radhika Sewal parent of Sameer Sewal Grade 4. Students gained important insight on easy time management strategies and skills to conquer time . The session focused on time-management as an essential life skill imperative to achieve success in life.

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