Mr. Sadaf Saleem

Father of Irtiqa Zafar, Grade 10, 2019-20

"Thank you for inviting me to the Maths symposium. It was an overwhelming experience. 

Firstly let me congratulate Pallavi ma'am and the Mathematical department for the exemplary idea and the overall execution. I also congratulate Fatima ma’am for having such a wonderful team. Its only under the able leadership and guidance the team works to its fullest.

Typical and routine classroom sessions get mundane for the students and symposiums/ events like these help them to delve into the ocean of knowledge. And unfortunately mathematics is considered as a monster by many students, but the way all students had researched for their respective topics, with amazing clarity, enthusiasm and team work was commendable. 

They were brilliantly able to explain the application of mathematical correlation with their projects:

Jacquard loom, punch card, quadcopter, nanotechnology,antikythera mechanism, enigma, sliding ruler... the plethora of topics. The hard work of all the teams and efforts of teachers reflected in each and every student. Zayed hall was bubbling with energy from sixth graders to twelfth graders. Equally enthusiastic were the proud teachers who were on their toes, always working relentlessly.

It was an honor to judge the young techno kids loaded with information and zeal. I don’t know what the results are going to be but would like Pallavi ma’am to convey to students that they were brilliant, winner in their own way. They should keep yearning for more knowledge, try to apply mathematics in everyday life. Artists, scientists, engineers, technicians, designers, planners apply mathematics in one way or other."